GUITAR DAYS is a documentary about the Brazilian guitar bands. Better depicted as a movement than a musical genre, such bands were the genesis of the national indie rock. This doc was not meant to be what it is, but a short film about the use of the public space in São Paulo by independent musicians, but as documentaries have a life of their own, here we are.


My name is Caio Augusto Braga, I am the director of the documentary and, ironically, I play the drums and not the guitar. I played in bands until the middle of the precarious 90s.


In March 2015, I was following on social media the attempt of a group of independent musicians to organise a concert at Praça Roosevelt, in São Paulo, and perceived that little had changed since the 90s. In one week time the concert changed places several times, due to the difficulty in obtaining the release of the authorities for the public event. At the end of that week, the organisers got the authorisation. The concert did not happen in the square, because it rained.


The following week I decided to make a short film about the core of the issue.
In all the statements, the interviewees made a point of situating me historically in the matter, with prologues that invariably began in the 90s. They did that because the history of Brazilian independent music has almost no record. And it was when, when talking with Zé Antonio Algodoal - guitarist of Pin Ups -, I realised that the story I had to tell was a little broader than I had originally planned.


With a new and bigger defined panorama, I invited the plastic artist and musician Magoo Felix and the musician Mauricio Palhano to associate to the production of the documentary. Magoo also signs the doc arts. Mauricio leaves the team in February 2016.


Guitar Days is an independent film. It was done without the financial contribution of a government grant or sponsorship and with the support of people involved in the Brazilian independent music scene. It is a DIY production about artists who make that philosophy their only possibility of maintenance in the Brazilian music scenario.

the good and old "do it yourself"

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